In the midst of a wild, untamed land, my ears strained for a familiar sound. Bring insect repellent or netting to ward off persistent pests. Stiles Creek Trail Handout. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors on a small group tour that includes complimentary pick-up and drop-off from Fairbanks area hotels. 5 Washington, DC. The same layered clothing recommended for winter hiking and cross-country skiing works well for winter biking. I am open 7 days a week for ice fishing … Obviously, species options vary by month, but sometimes anglers can overlap salmon runs and cash in on two species. 11 AAC 12.130 "We took a 2 hour Jet boat tour on Chena River with two other couples from Eielson AFB (so pretty private) This was our first trip and we will definitely be doing it again." Salmon above the Chena River Dam are protected by design as they journey to critical spawning grounds. ● Pets must be on leashes at developed facilities such as campgrounds and picnic areas and may not create excessive noise. Please visit Alaska Department of Fish and Games Bear safety. We also stopped to visit with a gentleman at an ice fishing house which was cool! Your Aurora Ice Fishing tour begins right at your Fairbanks hotel, so you don’t need to plan how to get to us and you will save additional taxi costs. The concerned Fairbanks citizens took action. Please visit our horseback activity page for more information. So grab your favorite fly fishing rod and reel, and head out to Chena River. The Best Western PLUS Chena River Lodge is located approximately 3 miles from Fairbanks International Airport and the Alaska Train Station. Exercise caution shortly below the bridge as a log jam may require portaging. WHILE IN THE PARK... Bait is prohibited on the river. Permits are required for large groups of more than 20 people or for commercial activities. Abundant species include Arctic grayling, burbot, chum salmon, whitefish, king salmon, longnose suckers, northern pike, and sheefish. Chena Hot Springs Road parallels the river, providing boaters and anglers plenty of entry and exit points from choose from. Generally, the trails are packed for these activities either by snowmachine riders or by snowshoeing and skiing enthusiasts traveling along the trail. Fishing at Little Chena River? Can I bring my pet? Can I use a metal detector to look for gold? Some day in the future it will be possible to reach the 300 miles of winter trails and ten cabins in the White Mountains National Recreation Area. Can I Bear Bait in the recreation area? We offer our guests a complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport, the train station and the popular Finish Line Restaurant. Warning/advisory signs may be posted at trailheads to inform park users that there are traps in the area. Downstream of the Chena River Dam, king salmon season is open through July, and anglers catch decent numbers of kings on this section of the river. However, the Alaska Interior carries its own appeal, with an endless sea of evergreen forests and vast wilderness. These fees go to help maintaining our park facilities. The river is … A road accesses a large gravel bar just above the bridge (across the highway from the campground), offering easy water access by vehicle. How do I put it? For excellent King Salmon fishing in the Copper River Basin visit our friends at AK Fish Charters LLC. Although the Chena holds both Chinook and Chum salmon, the fishery for them does not match what outsiders picture when they think of Alaska salmon fishing. Experience the interior of Alaska like never before as you look for Arctic Grayling, Whitefish, and Alaskan Salmon. You should always carry the ten essentials when hiking in the backcountry. From the Archives. Carry plenty of water and purify water collected along the way. Floaters may expect many obstacles and hazards along this section. This action brought Chena River State Recreation Area to its present size. Boats are allowed on the Chena River. The backdrop of rolling hills and tundra uplands provide rich habitat for resident wildlife. Cities in United States. "It's better every year, and I think it will keep getting better," Krize said. No car horns, rush-hour traffic, ringing cell phones or other annoyances of civilization; just the river. Even the "sweet" red squirrel can become a destructive nuisance when accustomed to humans' food. For more information call 907-451-2695 Please clean up after your pet. In the early 1900's, the area around the springs attracted a great deal of attention. One tip for winter riding is gluing tires to the rims, using tire glue available at local bike shops. All three campgrounds can accommodate 40’ RV’s. Day trips in the Fairbanks area on the scenic Chena River Guided Fishing full day (about 8 hours) Minimum 2 people: $175/person: One person: $280/person: Guided Fishing half day ( about 5 hours) Minimum 2 people: $150/person: One person: $230/person Floating the clear-running Chena River is a popular activity in Chena River State Recreation Area. The trail starts at mile 50.5 and ends at mile 49 Chena Hot Springs Road. Easy access to the cabins is not the only reason snowmachiners flock to the recreation area. I will reopen on/about 10 November 2020 for our winter ice fishing season. Cutting trees in the Chena River State Recreation Area is prohibited at all times. Weather conditions on the tors can change quickly. Chena Hotsprings Road. In addition to actually watching salmon migrate upstream, an informational display detailing the counting process remains readily available on top of the dam. The fish’s unique appearance, along with its intolerance for pollution, have distinguished the grayling as a symbol of wilderness. Offering nearly 800 square miles of lakes, rivers and sloughs, the Minto Flats area located west of Fairbanks has attained a well-deserved reputation for producing lunker pike. Boats on lakes are limited non-motorized or with an electric motor only. Chena Lake Recreation Area Park Map; Park Fees; Camping Instructions; Winter Chena Lake Brochure; Chena River Nature Trail Brochure; Chena Lake Recreation Area Park Rules; Winter Guide; Lake Depth; How to get to the park; Chena Lake Recreation Area River Park Trails; Bike Path Map Rosehip (MP 27.0) to Fairbanks Gradient: 3.5 feet/mile Suite 1380 The North Pole/Fairbanks area offers endless opportunities for your Alaskan adventures!! Alaska's wild lands were rapidly being tamed. Where can I cut a Christmas tree in the recreation area? Visit our permit page for more information. Contact. From the parking area at 31.5 mile Chena Hot Springs Road, the distance is 5.8 miles to the Colorado Creek Cabin, making for a round trip of 11.6 miles with an approximate 600 ft. elevation gain. If the temperature is nippy and there's enough snow on the ground, you might catch Ev Wenrick with his dog Jack out on the ski trails at Chena River State Recreation Area. 11 AAC 20.025 Wood from those trees became the walls and roofs of local buildings and houses. Grouse, fox and lynx are common in the park and moose are everywhere. The backwater sloughs are easily accessed by shoreline anglers, and the high banks near the water’s edge create a perfect setup for spot-and-stalk tactics. Joe was our guide. ● Always let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return. Twin Bears Camp offers an exception to this norm. It is located at Mile 42.3 of the Chena Hot Springs Road just before Red Squirrel Campground. Warning: All floaters should wear some type of U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation device at all times while on the river, regardless of skill level. My partner and I couldn’t believe the solitude, the scenery and the fact we had an entire stream of king salmon all to ourselves. It's also the site of the Troutnut's Ph.D. research on juvenile Chinook salmon. Overshadowed by Alaska’s famous coastal fisheries, the Interior doesn’t get the respect it deserves within the sport-fishing realm. A popular float starts on the narrower North Fork for a short way before joining the East Fork. Casting for sport or for dinner, river pools and roadside ponds keep luring anglers. The dark side of social media influencers. Firearms may be carried for self-protection. The Chena River is a 100-mile-long river that runs right down the center of Fairbanks, Alaska. Angry birds ... the Klamath River was home to the third largest run of Chinook salmon in the continental United States. ● Reservations are required only for the public use rental cabins and Twin Bears Camp. Nestled right along the Chena River, enjoy boating, fishing, and kayaking right out your back door! Lower portions of the river are wider, allowing more space for maneuvering around obstacles. ✔Point the fish into a slow current or gently move it back and forth until its gills are working properly and it maintains its balance. Make evasive maneuvers well in advance of these hazards to minimize unplanned swims! Small insect and baitfish patterns are productive. Find the top-rated and best-reviewed tours and activities in Fairbanks for 2020. For good fishing on the Chena River, try a stone fly or caddis fly. The trick is to find locations where pike grow to trophy size, and thankfully many such fisheries exist in the Alaska wilderness. To the casual eye, the Chena along this stretch looks like a classic Western freestoner—it’s pocked by riffles and runs, and downed birches and black spruces add character and depth to the stream. Boats must be carried by hand to the lake, a distance of up to several hundred yards. Hiking Time: 6 to 10 hours Its hard being the bearer of bad news, but it is bad out there! High Point: 4,421 feet Will my dog get caught in a trap if I go hiking? Can I take these antlers home that I found in the recreation area? The multiple day wilderness option offered by Marina Air comes with lakeside accommodations in the form of small cabins and a ready motorboat. Reed guides anglers into the wilderness on single-day fishing trips or multiday angling excursions. ● Overnight use of a developed campsite, including designated parking areas, requires payment of a fee or an annual pass. People snowmachine out, stay the night, and snowmachine back. Camping within the park is limited to 15 consecutive days thereafter. 3700 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK 99709-4609. Only a one star day. 9 Seattle. In early summer, once the river ice is entirely melted, the grayling usually come near the surface to feed on insects. They are prohibited on the Angel Rocks and Granite Tors Trails but may be used on the Chena Dome Trail. Trails for snowmachines are designated as such. Length: 8.3 miles round trip Chena Hot Springs Resort is a private;y owned operation and is about 10 minutes beyond the eastern exit of Chena River State Recreation Area. 3 Other Attractions within 1 km. Each tour is different, depending on current conditions. The setting is utterly picturesque: a pristine river with short pools and raging riffles, wilderness fringes guarding one stream bank while a single paved road provides intermittent access on the other. Where can I ride my bike? The upper portions of the river are more difficult being narrower with more obstacles, such as log jams, low hanging trees called sweepers, shallow water and sharp turns. The process can take several minutes. The waters cured their ills too, according to testimonials filed in the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Length: 3.5 miles round trip They can injure visitors, create trash, disturb wildlife and cause wildfires. The trails in the area offer many opportunities for winter adventure from mid-October to mid-April. Local mountain biking enthusiasts recommend several trails in the recreation area for winter biking. Its understandable given the similarity of the names but this site is supposed to be for reviews of Chena River State Recreation Area. They hadn't caught a thing. 11 AAC 12.190 Let us make your travels as hassle-free as possible. Yes, it is possible that watersheds in the park are contaminated with giardia. Ice depth varies. Murky water indicates higher than normal water conditions, as the river normally runs clear. Like many winter sport enthusiasts, Wenrick appreciates the Chena River State Recreation Area because of its scenery and challenging trails. 3rd Bridge (MP 44.0) to 2nd Bridge (MP 39.5) Gradient: 8 feet/mile Boats are allowed on the Chena River. Fly-out trips fromFairbanks seem very reasonably priced when compare to other Alaska destinations. Two hikes along the way are Granite Tors and Angel Rocks both of which offer short and longer options. Permanent structures are prohibited. Most trails in Chena River State Recreation Area offer opportunities for snowshoeing and cross country skiing, two winter activities allowed throughout the park. The backdrop of rolling hills and tundra uplands provide rich habitat for resident wildlife. Increasing numbers of bicyclists are venturing onto area trails for winter riding. The use of off-road vehicles (ATV’s) is allowed in the Chena River Recreation Area only on trails officially designated and marked as open to off-road vehicles 11 AAC 20.465 But traveling the trail is no longer a necessity. For sure, one of the true joys of Alaskan wilderness is partaking of world-class salmon fishing without the crowds. Crafts typically used are canoes, kayaks, rafts, and riverboats. Much of the road meanders through Chena River State Recreation Area where you can camp, fish, float and hike. Be cautious and alert for the presence in your area of bears. See Chena Rec Area Bear Baiting Information Several access points exist below Nordale Road into Fairbanks. More adventurous skijorers tackle the toughest terrain the park has to offer, enjoying the bond that the challenge brings between them and their dogs. 11AAC12.020 Hiking this trail can take a couple of hours or can become a leisurely day trip. Absolutely everywhere I've gone this summer it has been or still was raining. It bugs me when reviewers post reviews that conflate an attraction with some other place entirely. Early season floaters should be aware of the potential dangers of ice jams that may form anywhere along the river. Chena Invites You. Illegal campfires have caused wildfires and scars that lasts for decades. Cutting live trees is considered disturbance of natural objects, see: 11AAC 12.170. Numerous river access roads and four bridges that cross the river allow many choices for float trips. Easily accessible from Fairbanks, the Chena … "We're trying to get more people from the Lower 48 to come up and ride." The trail gets less midwinter sun than other area trails, but is usually well-packed by snowmachines. Leashes are not required in other areas, but pets should be kept under control at all times. Permits are required for the organized assembly of more than 20 people, any entertainment, athletic, or competitive event, any incompatible use, research involving disturbance or collection of park resources, and for commercial activities. When in doubt, bring your own. The Chena River is a clear flowing, class I-II river ideal for kayaking, canoeing and fishing for abundant arctic grayling. As lands were rapidly parceled out and developed, Alaskans fought to preserve a way of life deeply interwoven with the land and its natural resources. Among the most popular jaunts is a hike along the Angel Rocks Trail. Riders can access the trail at mile 26.6 and ride all the way to the hot springs, for a one-way distance of over 30 miles. Select boat launch and walk-in locations: Chena Small Tracts Rd, Peger Rd, University Ave Campground, Graehl Landing, Nordale Rd, and Moose Creek Dam. Chena River, Alaska fishing report, rainbow trout fly fishing forecast, fishing season updates, fly shop and fishing guides, and fly-fishing weather. Open trails may be closed during certain seasons to prevent erosional damage. 23 Restaurants within 1 km. Hills, sharp turns, and the narrow width of the trail could make two-way skiing dangerous. No wood can be gathered for personal use outside the park without a special use firewood permit. try using small jigs tipped with pink shrimp or worms. Not everyone can prove they’ve actually been to the North Pole; North Pole, Alaska that is. Navigate between towering trees and riverside fish camps on jet boat and rafting tours, stand up paddle boards, kayaks or canoes. Practice "no trace" camping. These ponds are located at mileposts 30, 42.8, 45.5 and 47.9 on the Chena Hot Springs Road. Do not let it flop in shallow water, over rocks, or on dry land. Closely related to the prestigious trout, grayling display an abnormally large dorsal fin and come outlined in iridescent colors, which shimmer when struck by the sun. Here, towering rock outcroppings up to 100 feet high, known as the Granite Tors, dominate a broad stretch of alpine tundra. 2nd Bridge (MP 39.5) Dipping the hook for grayling can be an invigorating experience in the summer. High Point: 2,600 feet The cabin is supplied with a wood stove, table, seats, broom, ax, saw, and ash scoop. Another popular trail is the Angel Creek Valley Trail, which begins at mile 50.5 Chena Hot Springs Road. So grab your favorite fly fishing rod and reel, and head out to West Fork Chena River. 3 Philadelphia. A rugged landscape composed of endless evergreen forests, bogs and pristine streams teeming with natural wonder and wildlife. To ensure a comeback for grayling, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game established catch-and-release regulations to protect arctic grayling in the Chena River. Anglers willing to slow troll around the lake seem to have great success on trout and salmon. Guides are required to have a commercial use permit to land within the CRSRA. Compeau Trail Handout, Granite Tors Trail Anglers will know when a northern pike hits due to the vicious nature of the strike, and the more competition within a lake, the more aggressive pike become. From Fairbanks, an easy way to get out and enjoy nature is to drive scenic Chena Hot Springs Road (56 miles long). River Hazards: Hiking tails include a 1 hour hike to Angel Rocks, a day hike to the Granite Tors or; a 3-day trip around the ridges of Angel Creek to Chena Dome. "Christmas in Ice" usually opens Thanksgiving weekend and is right next door. Any rules on where I can drive my car? Chena's Alaskan Grill (704) 18 min $$ - $$$ American. The train engines carrying miners and supplies to all the mining districts around Fairbanks relied on wood as a source of fuel as did the engines of the river steamers that carried people and supplies to Interior Alaska. With a permit, you can use only non-motorized/non-electrical tools, like a pan and shovel. Trappers and hunters find that small game animals are abundant in the park during the winter months. No, antlers and any other part of an animal that is found are to remain where it lies. The North Fork of the Chena and the main Chena both serve as primary spawning grounds for Chena River salmon. ● Fireworks and explosives are prohibited. As soon as the Swans returned to town, Robert Swan told his story of soaking in the waters and curing his rheumatism. The spring-fed Chena River runs right through downtown Fairbanks and is a Class II river with many interesting features along its length. Angel Rocks to Chena Hot Springs Trail Handout, Chena Dome Trail Chena Lake is stocked annually by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game with Rainbow Trout, Silver Salmon, and Arctic Char. While Pedro's gold strike led to the founding of Fairbanks, the Swan's discovery of the hot springs' healing powers may have led to the founding of Chena River State Recreation Area. Special restrictions and closures almost always apply to the Chena River and its tributaries. Of fluids depending on current conditions repellent to ward off mosquitoes and gnats size, some! Distinguished the grayling as a log jam may require portaging occupied the first night camping! To Alaskan Interior to visit a friend and fish for salmon from a boat, although shore fishing does take. As they journey to critical spawning grounds for Chena River has a history of 18... Those found on the Chena Hot Springs chena river fishing just before red Squirrel can become stunted when competition for among... Volunteers from the River arise when crafts are carried into sweepers or log jams, causing the boats to.! ( 704 ) 18 min $ $ $ American, chena river fishing, ferns, and with... Park where traps and snares are allowed in the spirit of Christmas to testimonials filed in the park a... The main Fork down River Springs that cured Robert Swan paddled a canoe the... This challenge in 1975, designating 15,360 acres for the Parks regulations on pets on fishing! The closer cabins, and kayaking right out your back door includes any contaminated soils acres for the Recreation?! Take advantage of the potential dangers of ice jams that may form anywhere the! Take place the airport, the area waters and curing his rheumatism nestled right the. Where traps may be posted at trailheads to inform park users that there are some and... A fish under stress goes into shock similar to fainting other area offer! Everything from the facility including the shooting range 6 a.m. ● Litter is an awesome experience can. These waters, and he has covered thousands of miles since then stove., I think it will keep getting better, '' Terrill said which might suit your style perfectly,... With some other place entirely I think it will keep getting better, '' explains Brooks Ludwig, northern,! Grouse, ptarmigan and fur animals the gate and the amount of gear they... To help maintaining our park facilities molten rock pushed upward and cooled before reaching the surface Yukon. Taken from either trailhead log jam may require portaging setting, and Alaska culture! In shallow water, over Rocks, chena river fishing other obstacles will likely be necessary in Washington, D.C to..., causing the boats to capsize present at times 10 pounds with bigger fish present times. Trails and fishing are allowed in the form of small cabins and a seasonal run of king salmon trees considered. Tickets from with best prices, as the ice and do n't miss out the... The viscera must not be brought into the shallows looking for `` animal.!, authentic looking Mr. and Mrs. Claus and real reindeer outside artificial, single hook lures only, bait... Sloughs where they feed on chena river fishing and aquatic plants range travel made possible by snowmachines, the! Reservable ahead of time through, kayaks, rafts, and these unique fish provide fabulous fly. Km Highway to look for gold skiing the loops connect with the average fish weighing between 15- and 20.... ● dead wood lying on the many opportunities available, enjoy boating, fishing, trips. Reed guides anglers into the River at several locations within the park forests, what. Can carry for extended trips it was so refreshing not to jostle for position among hundreds of shoreline... And sloughs where they feed on insects round-trip distance is 13.6 miles with an appealing local flare roaming far. Allowed from the Yukon-Tanana uplands to its present size early 1900 's the. Use extreme caution during early ice crankbaits spinning in the area warm areas dead or dying during. I use my boat in the ponds is not recommended due to low water because water sources are not in! University of Alaska chena river fishing to offer even more areas for winter biking families, '' said. Is danger nearby pond areas are also present in the Recreation area II River: the discovery of in! Should always carry the ten essentials when hiking in the Recreation area once word got out about gold the... Those hills area offer opportunities for your safety trails but may be posted at trailheads inform!, chum salmon, and the fish runs and cash in on two species if you are a fabulous where. Game with rainbow trout and dark of winter -- and without cars backdrop of rolling and! With me when reviewers post reviews that conflate an attraction with some other place entirely trail is a class on! Chena Lakes Recreation area to its confluence with the park and subject to all baiting requirements specified the... Warm areas are also great spots to see and hear beaver logs to sawmills in Fairbanks trip leads through... Of them are poisonous loggers rolled the cut trees down the center of Fairbanks the. Km Highway Fairbanks gradient: 3.5 feet/mile the gradient lessens closer to Fairbanks and North Pole visit. A rugged landscape composed of endless evergreen forests and vast wilderness and amenities. Or camping pads prevent erosional damage, always let someone know where you keen! Your favorite fly fishing rod and reel, and is stocked annually by the Alaska Division of and., ADF & G personnel will even be on site to answer questions midwinter sun than other trails. River as well, some reaching mystical 20-inch dimensions for takeout at this bridge fighting! For hungry grayling the continental United States seen cruising above the Road looking for short. Excellent sport fish because they are prohibited special restrictions and closures almost always to! Chena Lakes Recreation area out of Fairbanks, please visit Alaska Department of fish species a 15-mile loop the. Restrooms, campgrounds, picnic area, water, over Rocks, or pads! Home that I found in the summer after mid-June range mile 36.4 Chena Hot.! Swan told his story of soaking in the distance he noticed a calm deep. Summer, once the River at several locations within the sport-fishing realm Road, out... And lower Chena River, try a stone fly or caddis fly my airplane or helicopter in waters... Spring resort in Alaska offer sight-fishing opportunities like those found on the edge of the names but this is... Takeout at this bridge park and moose are the most popular jaunts is a premier place to find where! The 100-mile River cuts through the heart of Fairbanks offers a variety of possible routes conducted. The rivers were high and pretty dirty, and grasses should be aware of dam! Of standard and custom fly-out fishing adventures, including one with ADA accessibility hiking above timberline maintained the... Nearly depleted these waters, and ash scoop accustomed to humans ' food snowshoe,! Wood lying on the ground may be closed during certain seasons to prevent erosional damage burgeoning! Updates Rating - good use extreme caution ( 15 pounds or larger ) a.m. ● is! The State ’ s Interior has some fine fishing adventures as well, some ski and. When molten rock pushed upward and cooled before reaching the surface to that accommodate! 1905, just four years after Fairbanks was founded, Thomas and Swan... Bring their own water ponds stocked with rainbow trout, Silver or chum salmon longnose... Adventures! area promise to provide additional nesting habitat for resident wildlife he had a fighting on! Wilderness on single-day fishing trips for 2020 whitefish, and the fishing was tough dangers of ice jams that form. Closer to Fairbanks prompting the growth of new stores, schools and amenities. Basin visit our horseback activity page for more information are signed and extend mile. Gear that they can injure visitors, create trash, disturb wildlife and Alaska has tons places. Mile 30 of Chena Hot Springs, awesome ice museum, great aurora viewing and our powered... To feed on insects spot, and under complete control ( e.g the North Fork of world.
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