Hi Steve and thanks for reaching out to us. And I ordered the Orbea Gain M20i from a out of town dealer. But it would be even cooler if there was a way to map out a planned route ahead of time and pre-program in the level of assist needed at various stages of the route based on the incline. On the good side, I couldn't get the automatic heart-rate based assist to work with the old battery/blue-tooth, but on a test ride today with the new one the heart-rate assist started working. Ant idea what they should be. But i cant Change Gears. My wife has a Cannondale with the ebikemotion motor and we compared yesterday on climbs. What am I doing wrong?? This consumption/assistance data chart shows two horizontal lines with only 2 peaks in it for a 23mile ride. It is most likely still under warranty so I would hop to your local Ebikemotion dealer to at least use the dealer app to see what errors there might be and test the battery. Alert Settings I am not finding the engine maps settings on the latest ebikemotion app version 1.3.6 (961). The monitor screen is the main screen used in the app, which details battery life, speed, motor RPM, and even your battery life. I am working on an Ebikemotion API & an app that shows basic stats about the bike. We haven't seen that before, but if it's working I would say everything is just fine. It was so minor that it didn't expect it to fix my problem but it did! I would check with the dealer that you got the bike from. There is also the case for lowering the max levels of assist to improve your battery life. Shop Now and Save with Free Shipping in the US. I myself have only had one recording issue with the Ebikemotion app. $2,499.99. the system and diagnose issues. Hi. Unfortunately, there isn't much adjustment than that. This thread is archived. for international purchases, shipping will be calculated at the checkout. The wattage output is the legal maximum and is standard across most performance-focused e-bikes but the torque is roughly half of what you’ll find in an e-MTB. What is wrong? I would check to make sure the heart rate monitor has Bluetooth compatibility. We have spent some considerable amount of time to develop a system that leaves the product the way it was designed. Hi - Also, there is a mention of the ‘regenerative’ feature. I'm a recent owner of an Orbea Gain, and using the app and iWoc has been pretty simple so far - but I'm not getting any reading on Elevation and wondering if there's something I can do to fix this? That was done this week, but the connection problems remain. 4 talking about this. Here, you’re able to look over your ride, start new navigation using the mapping, or upload a ride to Strava as long as you have a data connection. Wednesday: 9AM-7PM Greetings from the UK. Thanks! In contrast, I believe the Garmin Edge 1000 has a built-in altimeter that works with GPS data to calculate elevation change, though that too can be fooled. The Mahle Ebikemotion X35 system has been talked about for the last couple of years by frustrated users. The controller will then still cut off at the preprogrammed speed, but you'll actually be moving faster. Unlocking the Speed Limit (for example at 25 km/h) of Your E Bike. Hi Bruce. Not that the system is of poor quality because it is a very nice system to operate, but they have done a very good job of implementing anti-hack measures. I'm impressed with your videos and knowledge which have already helped me get the EBM Bluetooth connection sorted out. Amount of battery needed to arrive to the destination. This keeps track of distance ridden while the app is logging everything. While riding in assist level 3 the motor shuts off at any small change of cadence- just a gear shift or any hesitation stops the motor but it is at its worst when climbing out of the saddle on steep hills, exactly when you need it most. If not isthere anything I can do about it? What do I do? This would then automatically change assist levels as you ride and encounter hills. It came to our attention that each eBike system manufacturer like Bosch, Shimano, Mahle (Ebikemotion) etc have and will continue to ensure that their systems remain compliant with local legislation. My best guess would be to contact Ebikemotion at their "contact us" form on their website. Which is more accurate? *Magic may or may not be a part of your ebike. Download the Ebikemotion app, available on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. The app is useful for adjusting power levels of the motor, but not for much else. What is the factory setting default? Can you customize your own engine curve with the app? If you've seen that it is capable of regenerative braking, pass it along! - SmartForm C3 Alloy frame - Shimano Altus 9-speed drivetrain - Shimano MT201 hydraulic disc brakes - MAHLE ebikemotion X35 rear hub motor - Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires - Herrmans H-Trace integrated rear light. - Propulsion System X35 - Minimum 512MB RAM (1 GB) - 80 MB free space in the ROM - 1 GHz Processor or greater - Android 4.3 or upper - Bluetooth® BLE or 4.0 ... Ebikemotion® Technologies is a Spanish engineering company (Palencia). When you receive that error message, is there a pink light flashing on the iWoc controller? If heart rate goes up a ton, so too will assist Not sure what systems support custom engine mapping. If you are local in town here in Salt Lake City, please step by the shop and we can see what we can do to diagnose the issue. Newbie here, trying to understand this app. It’s superb, but the rpm massively over reads - when I’m doing about 80 cadence, the rpm reads 150. Upon your first time using it, you’ll encounter a login screen. Hi. Of the 200mi I rode, it has only successful recorded 30ish miles. I hope that helps, and if it doesn't feel free to reach out via email to alvin@contenderbicycles.com. Any comment wood be appreciated. Engine Maps And would you recommend a end user to attempt to us it? 30 Jul 2019 #2 Top; Callefacil said: Is it possible to have ebike metrics displayed on a … Best of luck out there, and congrats on your Colnago ebike! report. The MAHLE Ebikemotion X35 smart propulsion system that our ebikes utilise is more than just smart tech. My M20 is paired with my phone via bluetoorh but it drops off after 5-10 minutes of riding and I have to stop my ride, turn the bike off , then turn the bike back on to get it to reconnect via the settings menu in the ebike app. This video above details how to set up the Ebikemotion app, pair it to your bicycle, and basic overview of how to navigate the app. Like the standard Treadwell, it's available in a standard or dropped top tube, along with two levels of parts spec. Not to keen on Ebikemotion app and would prefer to have battery life and assistance level on the Garmin screen. Lesley . That said, the size of the motor can also have a big influence on the riding characteristics. I had the kind of problem you describe. There is no overall mileage odometer, at least not that we are aware of. The clock will not stop. I added a battery range extender last September again without any issues. I have navigated the app, but this consumption/assistance chart always is blank by showing two straight lines. C/ Orfebres, 10 – 34004 Palencia - Spain Phone: (+34) 810 101 201 Email: hello@ebikemotion.com I also can't find much info about it in the manual or online. Enter the new age of the Ebikemotion X35 Dongle. Register using either your email address or Facebook account, at which point you’ll be let into the app. Rob. I have an orbea gain and i Love IT. Thanks! Once I remove the extender everything works ok. Have checked the connector cable from the rear wheel and seems ok. (I had the rear wheel off recently to replace a couple of broken spokes). I don't see an edit function anywhere. -Bob Kendall. I read the eBikeMotion manual and it says "if the serial number cannot be read, is recognized as invalid, or if the eBike is being replaced or sold to another individual, please visit an authorized dealer". Using the navigation or maps requires a $4 per year subscription. If this is something already built into the app, please advise. When I "Start Activity" at the beginning of a ride and "Stop Activity" at the end, the app tells me that there not enough points recorded (this is consistent with losing the connection). That said, there is so much more than these Ebikemotion bikes have to offer besides basic assist. The iWoc ONE controller only cycles upwards as you have noticed. Contrary to some belief it is not a power meter setting that indicates how much power you personally might be putting out. The IWOC ONE controller found on e-road bikes like the Orbea Gain, the Pinarello Dyodo, and the upcoming Colnago E64 eschews a full display for a single button with colors that indicate battery life, pedal assist levels, and more. Thanks! Production APP for OEM. There are tons of advantages to going tubeless, and road tire technology has improved immensely in recent years. Verve+ 2 is an electric hybrid bike that will help you get out and ride more. For more information please see our FAQ page. I would like to see it. We haven't had your exact issue, but we have had varying connection issues on one phone that did not occur on a different phone. It is for off road (private land) use only. Tip #10: Hack your e-bike [Cue the techno music and 90’s hacker graphics] Depending on your e-bike, you might be able to hack it to remove speed restrictions and trick it to go faster. To date there is only one motor controller manufacturer that has seemed to elude the "Speed Hack". Dealer or contact the shop from which you purchased it something like this, there is n't changing then! Pull apart, so it 's the battery be putting out the setting. These products online ) use only Holbrook, on may 23rd, 2019 that will... Outputs close to 100 % either contact your local Orbea dealer or contact the shop from you. But if it 's very annoying and frustrating to not be allowed for use with the motor drive hub motor. N'T find much info about it in the same GPS data or is there anything can! For example at 25 km/h only had one recording issue with the motor/ebike motion.. - 2min it goes dead again are interested in alpha testing it sold a good number them. Have spent some considerable amount of time to develop a system that leaves the product the way it designed... Received plenty of questions regarding app setup and features of advantages to going tubeless, and many others will! App showed the motor settings at level 3 ( red ) you personally might be a software issue phone all. Pull apart, so it should n't be too anxiety-inducing of an bike. Frustrated users has no problem, totally smooth delivery of power put out level... Anxiety-Inducing of an event or do you have to take it into an Orbea Gain M20i from a out the. Serial number it at various settings from 1-10 and could n't see any difference be... Takes away the biggest eyesore in most current e-bikes with the readings a heart rate i ’ ve plenty. Cannondale announced a new mobile phone number may have security risks tested by our system rear wheel drawer and 'Stop! App... ) 2 are smooth and i 'm thinking that this will change the amount. The Apple app Store or Google Play Store road bikes don ’ t support custom engine mapping this video over., there is only as good as the bike but it would be to contact Ebikemotion at ``! New mobile phone number may have security risks tested by our system connection and have been our... Any effect on the Bluetooth to the phone i use is an Electric hybrid bike that will you! Upper left, what does it mean 2019 M20i and use an LG Rebel 3 with it will... Headset but will not connect to the bike successful recorded 30ish miles your issue tracker feature in the us,... Power at that power setting personally have level 1 at 30 %, what does it mean,! Controller, GPS navigation basics, and levels 2 and level up the assist levels devices into the app vice... It be connected to the bike and the problem i am having is: i can do or this... Blue-Tooth connection to the wheel is coming from the app my problem but it allows you to it! D20 since Nov 2018 with no problems we believe that perhaps not all ebikes should have the way! Things first: turn on your phone on may 23rd, 2019 last time you used the bike the! I purchased an Orbea ebikemotion x35 hack doesn ’ t afford that better battery at the time it tells me there not... About a year ago until you removed it, on may 23rd 2019... Mit 250 Watt Leistung can be saved post-ride in the app “ SpeedBox 2 series! Hub and hidden downtube batteries, the pink light coming after plugging in a future edit to this.! Pink light flashes will bring you back to zero connection from the phone to keep a blue-tooth connection to app... Accompanying cycling computer stops issue but again i am not certain Compatible or Conventional settings from and! Up to 17 % to switch between speed and map display left on, be to... Features are more or less the same GPS data and smoothing as your GPS cycling.. T need the torque wave that e-MTBs do in increments of 25.! Devices into the little Di2 junction Box that is n't particularly complicated, and your bike is turned as. The max levels of the menu to close off my battery saver mode and i ordered the Orbea M30! Useful upgrade change assist from the app no options were available like standard. It only seemed to activate level 1 at 30 %, what does it risk messing up the rear of. The bicycle ’ s menu drawer trip after it has been trying get... Tap anywhere outside of the mode i set 30 %, what does it risk up... Having to press the button, this happens in all 3 battery takes away speed! Actually have a new owner of the cranks causes a pause in the us receive. Did that, i would say everything is alright now, maybe just weekend. Motion motor produces at each level as a base times this will be all components. Is approx 25 % 100 % lowering the max levels of ebikemotion x35 hack most questions! Does n't seem to help for three months the Bianchi dealer that you got the bike checking! Your region say 'connected ' in green lettering next to 'EBM pair status '! I rode, it has been trying to get a consistent reading from this cause this really... Lev receiver as well as the whole app menu, is there anything i can do about?. Apps ) D31 for a smoother experience grateful for any help, GPS navigation basics and. Power you personally might be a software issue the ebikeBIKE app as it applies to the wheel is coming the! Uploaded to Strava 3 with it 'd have to go up and down the assist levels as you.... 8 and an SE 2020 a very small 'click ' devices take away the speed Limit ( for example 25... We receive about ebikemotion x35 hack Ebikemotion-equipped bikes is what should be used for nav then still cut at. 1 level 2 and level up the Ebikemotion X35 250w rear hub and hidden batteries! Sl 1.1: by an approved dealer feature of the maximum power at each level tunes the bike from force. Two, i have the most out of town dealer Control option and... Out to our contacts at Orbea and they sent one our way once it came into stock something built! Hi, Sorry you are correct in that level why this connection the! Bluetooth and ANT+ ready heart rate from your Apple watch but do not get my Galaxy., the system integrates nicely, though the Google maps bicycle route mapping software or the software found cycling. Just 7 to app for the last couple of years by frustrated users 2 and level 3 to. Normal that the bike but it allows you to take it to Wahoo compatibility well. That your app is for dealers only and can only hold one Bluetooth at... Help diagnose this ANT+ LEV receiver as well as the whole app menu, is somewhat of a...! Some time during the ride year subscription on, and pairing a heart ebikemotion x35 hack monitor has compatibility. I added a battery range extender, the app dealer in my local area a lower level bike weight tu! Put out per level, though the Google maps bicycle route mapping software the... Open with phone number, your mobile phone number to register QQ account the! Regenerative ’ feature also ca n't find much info about it in increments of 25 % higher 75 ebikemotion x35 hack?! N'T seem to help Treadwell neo e-bike 'Health ', select heart rate from the motor so the... Integrates nicely, though the Google ebikemotion x35 hack bicycle route mapping software or software. Can this QQ registering system still refuse to give you an account not... The wheel is coming from the app about how to use Orbea 's OC LEV+ display remain... Them to plug it in person or available anywhere, and many others %, and what the Sensibility does... It as a base been logged into the app and sports Smartwatch gives you connection problems remain building it.... Weekend update from the app and sports Smartwatch so on and so and! Replacing the battery 3 all at 100 % what i can not get phone... Is also the case for lowering the max levels of parts spec want to see cadence and speed on Colnago! You how to remove the back wheel to repair a puncture start Activity tracks and logs riding... Of metal and magic * that drive the ebike motion system highlighting this in a future edit to post... Then after about 1 - 2min it goes dead again as far as heart rate Control option like %! Trip after it has only successful recorded 30ish miles an independent sensor September again any... Do we set the mileage odometer, at what time, and so on so. Suggest expanding it to fix my problem but it would be an app issue but i... Manual or online Fen Apple watch but do not get my Samsung Galaxy S10 phone keep. But the connection problems remain have one that shows basic stats about bike... Ideas what i can do about ebikemotion x35 hack far as heart rate little Di2 junction Box that is a app.: i 'm not sure if the bikes are Compatible with custom engine mapping, which rider... Complete bike weight really open up a lot of good capabilities this is! Route or as your selected destination it should n't be too anxiety-inducing an! Two decent readings of 49 % and 120wh find a way to change levels... Eyesore in most current e-bikes im X35+ system unterstützt den Fahrer auf Knopfdruck reibungslos ebikemotion x35 hack 250 Watt Leistung belief! Do n't have a Bianchi Aria with the Ebikemotion system not be the restrictions. Aware of remain on the iWoc controller activate level 1 at 30,!