Before I jump into the myths, I want to call out that google has one of the best-interviewing … L5 means senior software developer. There are articles out there about the interview process and how to prepare, and I do definitely recommend spending time in preparation.Google interviews for software engineers mostly do not focus on the candidate's resume or prior experience, instead asking technical questions on various topics and coding. Preparation. Google (now Alphabet) hires a lot of engineers every year. and wanted to pay that forward. First call with coordinator. 3. Interview. Senior Software Engineers interview at Google can consist of : Coding Questions (2–3 interviews) System Design Distributed systems knowledge Behavioral interview. indexfunds 38m 4 Comments Bookmark; function; High performing IC SWE here. The levels listed in Anonymous's prior answer are correct, but "Based on the salary range u negotiate while joining, you will be assigned the corresponding engineering level" is not. if you’re interviewing for sysadmin or system engineering, you may be asked questions about networking, unix, coding, security, etc. Reply. FWIW - it’s really rare to get hired as an L6 or above. abdul086 4. The interview was a typical coding round on google … I interviewed at Google (Sunnyvale, CA) in February 2020. A few example questions will be helpful if possible Thank you! I was contacted by the recruiting team. At Google, most employees will never reach above L5 simply because that's the highest level you can reach w/o leading a significant and complicated project. I interviewed at Google in February 2020. At Google a “Senior Software Engineer” is L5 and an L6 is a “Staff Software Engineer”. Google L5 Offer Recently quit my job at Facebook and will be joining Google soon. They were very helpful and detailed in the process and set up a phone interview. L6 at Google is Staff Engineer level - this not just an “engineer” - its a big deal to get promoted to L6, you wil rarely get hired into that level. Then an on-site interview consisting of two system design interviews, one coding, a people management and a technical leadership interview. 7Sunday, April 6, 14 Interview. I applied through a recruiter. Brushed up DS and Algo theory (Cormen) ... Could you give me an Idea of what the Google Googliness interview is like ? Got a lot of good information from the Blind community with regards to interview process, compensation, expectations, etc. Google. Started around 45 days ahead. It might take years for you to jump from L5 to L6 at Google. I was prepared for onsite interview and was told about what to expect. How to interview for FB E6 as Google L5. Google Interview Style 1 “Cover as much ground as possible” 5-10 different questions spread across your areas of expertise E.g. Confident I have what it takes to perform strongly at L6 and on track at Google, but as we all know promos here are so slow, could take … After one week the recruiter called to update that HC has approved for L5 position! At Google? First, just a minor nitpick on terminology. Share. The process took 3 weeks. L5 is a reasonable terminal level there, as in you can have a successful career and never go beyond L5, and no one will bat an eye. Report.